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When Mother Nature decides that it is time for a little rouse, it happens the way 007 likes his martinis – “shaken, not stirred.”  After all, we live on an ever-evolving ball of violent, volcanic eruptions and continuously mashing and grinding tectonic plates.  But, for some reason, we decide to densely populate exactly where the […]

I Don’t Feel So Good

When we think of mold, it conjures up bad connotations – scary images of neglect, expensive remediation and possible litigation, and with good reason as we will discuss.  However, mold (fungi) is not always so chilling; there is also its beneficial, useful side.  For example, you probably already knew that mold (Penicillium-a genus of ascomycetous […]

Your Reno Vacant home, is it insured?

When insurance is purchased for the purpose of protecting the home and its contents, and it is intended to be lived in (occupied), insurance companies are generally able to determine the rate to charge for a homeowner’s policy with a high degree of certainty that they will not get stung.  Consequently, because the expected variables, […]

My Home is Worth What?

I’ve been asked numerous times, “If my home’s current market value is $300,000.00, why then am I having to insure it for $400,000.00?”  Consequently, I’ve created my first blog with an explanation that just might help understand what seems to be an inflated home value, simply for the purpose of inflating the cost of a […]